language interpretation and translation services company

Lead To Asia Localization & Translation Co., Ltd is a professional translation and localization company based in Hong Kong. We are highly specialized in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and more.


Lead To Asia Localisation & Translation Co.,Ltd's headquarter locates in Hong Kong, with two branches in mainland China. Our aim is to provide our enterprise clients with a high-efficiency & low-cost market entry to different Asian countries by providing them with a highly specialized target market language translation and localisation services.

We have the capabilities to support all industries including IT, Machinery, Trade, Finance and Insurance, with language services covering Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Lao and other Asian languages. Our localisation services cover website, software, multimedia, and technical documents etc. Our business consultants and experts are proficient in legal, cultural and market issues and are able to utilize their experiences and resources to provide our clients with value-added business solutions.

Abundant human resources is the assurance of our high-quality customer service, our outstanding team composing linguists, translators, professionals, consultants and industry experts is our core asset. We appoint experts to follow up the progress and process of all projects. Their rich experiences, advanced project processes and excellent QA system ensure that our clients are receiving professional services.

Lead To Asia Co., Ltd aims at facilitating enterprises that want to access the Asian market by providing the best localisation services and comprehensive business solutions to the successful completion of their globalization strategies, we are looking forward to establishing a sustainable strategic cooperative partnership with our clients.

Lead To Asia promises:

-- One-Stop Service to lead your success in Asian Market.

-- Proven quality process ensures that you receive guaranteed-quality translation all the time.

-- Our teams are always ready to handle your urgent project with a punctual delivery.

-- All translations are done by native speakers and remain confidential.

-- All leading Translation memory can be used to save you time and money in the future.

-- Our service is cost-effective and reliable.