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Lead To Asia Localization & Translation Co., Ltd is a professional translation and localization company based in Hong Kong. We are highly specialized in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and more.

Japanese Translation Services

The Japanese script, Kanji, is an interesting conglomeration of languages. In that, it borrows from the characters of two local Chinese dialects, namely Katakana and Hiragana. Although, both of these entrants came to be included much later in the Japanese writing system, they are now a part of Kanji. Hiragana went to contribute to the writing of regular words in Japanese, while Katakana is strictly used for onomatopoeic and foreign words. Lead To Asia, a professional translation company works through all these technicalities to produce accurate and high-quality translations in a minimum time.

All that said, the translation work from Japanese to other languages and vice versa require trained native translators. Character-based script makes variation a normalcy in the language. Our Japanese translation services experts often face problems of expansion and contraction between Japanese and English by 20 to 60%. That makes it essential for this specific job to be handled by experts alone.

Producing excellent Japanese translation is an especially challenging task. For a native Japanese speaker, mastery of the three scripts and complex grammar comes naturally, but the need to express the correct degree of formality adds an extra dimension to translation projects.

Our interpretation and translation services professionals are trained to keep abreast with the changing trends and updates in colloquial Japanese. To add to that, all of them are trained in business English, which means they have the ability to translate documents from Japanese to English and vice versa in the most elegant and errorless way possible. Aside preserving the essence of the texts, part of our language translations services is to even infuse the documents with existent underlying meanings that lends the texts some weight. We are also very particular about the style and tone we use because it’s absolutely critical to attract and convince the readers.

Lead To Asia ensures that the carefully selected Japanese translator performs each translation. Native Japanese speaking translators accurately translate to the documents into Japanese. To ensure that our translations are top quality, we only select translators who live in Japan and translate into their native language.

When you need fast document translation and demand the quality only professional translators can provide, Lead To Asia's English Japanese free estimate service allows you to obtain a same day quotation.

We offer Japanese translation services for all types of material, including:

Technical Translation

by our team of linguists familiar with rich industry knowledge.

Website Localisation

: Our linguist will work closely with our SEO engineers to make sure your sites will be ranked high in major Japanese Search Engines.

Software localisation

: by linguists with in-depth experience of software, by DTP engineers with profession knowledge of UFI to best server for Japanese Users.

Legal Translation

: by experts familiar with civil and criminal law, including corporate law and intellectual property rights practice in Japan

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