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Lead To Asia Localization & Translation Co., Ltd is a professional translation and localization company based in Hong Kong. We are highly specialized in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and more.

Interpretation and Translation Services

Lead To Asia Localisation & Translation Co., Ltd. also provides three kinds of interpretation services, including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and escort interpretation. These services can be applied on occasions such as foreign affairs activities, international exhibitions, conferences, business negotiations, new product release, receptions, business trips etc.

Simultaneous interpretation:

Interpreters provide immediate interpreting without the need for speakers to break their flow. This service is often utilized on formal occasions such as conferences where the audience needs to understand what a speaker is saying while he or she is still speaking. This enables the speaker to concentrate on their speech without pausing for interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation:

In this service the interpreter begins his interpretation right after the speaker has completed a few sentences. Consecutive interpretation has distinct advantages in certain situations where more accurate, and complete translations are critical. Consecutive interpretations are preferred for activities such as business meetings, site visits, and receptions etc.

Escort interpretation:

Escort interpretation is where an interpreter accompanies a client to a function or on a formal and informal business trip. This service is most often used during a business trip or social event and is most often requested for individuals or small tours.

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